Why pay the ATO $10,000 when you don’t have to!

Here’s how to Reduce Tax!! Case Study: A wage earner on $87,000/yr will pay $19,822 in tax according to the ATO tax scales for 2017/18. If this wage earner releases the equity to buy an investment and claims all the allowable tax deductions including depreciation on buildings and plant & equipment, then they may be able to reduce their tax in excess of $10,000/yr. Obviously, every situation is different & you are advised to seek professional financial guidance. If you own a home worth $450,000 and owe $250,000 at present, you could release $110,000 to purchase an investment property worth […]

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Which restaurant would you prefer to dine in when YOU reach retirement???

With more & more people living longer, retirement planning is becoming critical to ensure your funds last for 25 years in retirement.         If you have planned your retirement, then you will most likely be financially secure during this phase of your life. However, if you failed to plan for your retirement, then you will have significant issues ahead Let’s look at 2 examples of couples at age 67 about to retire!!! Planned for retirement They own their own home – no mortgage or rent to pay $550,000 is super Own 3 investment properties – positive cash […]

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Highest Property Confidence ever Recorded

Highest Property Confidence ever Recorded According to a recent survey conducted by the Property Council of Australia, industry professionals have high hopes for the June 2018 Qtr. The ANZ/Property Council survey, which consults to over 1,000 property professionals nationwide, registered a confidence index of 143, which the Property council of Australia stated is the highest ever recorded. The results of this survey are cause for optimism and has strong economic significance for the Australian property industry. Confidence across the industry is being led by Queensland & South Australia. The outlook for the housing sector is improving, construction activity is picking […]

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Rental property tax deductions you can and can’t claim

Rental property tax deductions you can and can’t claim The end of financial year is a busy time for property investors to review their investments and put together their receipts ready to lodge tax returns.             Take a look at the list below and seek legal and financial advice from qualified professionals, to ensure you claim exactly what you are entitled to.   What you can’t claim Expenses you cannot claim include: Those relating to your personal use of the rental property Utility bills paid by the tenant Borrowing costs where you have borrowed against the equity in the investment […]

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How do I use property to fund my retirement?

With interest rates at all-time record lows, property has recently become very attractive to a wider range of investors. The media is full of articles and commentaries talking about using property to help fund retirement, with many even talking about it as a means to completely replace an employment income so they can quit work early. Whilst property investment has a proven track record as being a comparatively safe way to build wealth for the future, is it really possible to use property as a means of finding financial freedom and funding your retirement? And if so, how do you […]

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