Property Investment

How do I use property to fund my retirement?

With interest rates at all-time record lows, property has recently become very attractive to a wider range of investors. The media is full of articles and commentaries talking about using property to help fund retirement, with many even talking about it as a means to completely replace an employment income so they can quit work early. Whilst property investment has a proven track record as being a comparatively safe way to build wealth for the future, is it really possible to use property as a means of finding financial freedom and funding your retirement? And if so, how do you […]

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‘Refinancing – Is your Equity working for you??’

Research shows nearly half of all Australian homeowners have never refinanced. That means that many homeowners are paying way too much for their loan & most likely they are in loans that are not suitable for their individual situation. What’s worse is that many homeowners have equity in their homes that is sitting idle not earning anything. This is a costly mistake & will significantly impact your available funds at retirement. Gone are the days when we stayed with the same loan or lender for the full term of a home loan – the mortgage market is now very competitive […]

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Don’t confuse Google Search with REAL ​Property investment advice

Building wealth through a profitable investment portfolio shouldn’t be based on a Google search, but this is a common mistake made by many new investors. In this modern day world you are armed with a vast amount of information online, where you can develop plans but often they neglect lending strategy, operating budget, property location selection, cash flow and goal-setting. Limited by the extent knowledge, amounting being unable to imagine the best future – and the cost for would-be investors can be enormous. It becomes almost impossible to achieve goals, further restraining an investor’s ability to get the most from […]

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Why and When Should I Refinance?

Great News! A refinance can lower your monthly payment. Also, a lower interest rate can also allow you to build up equity and pay off your loan balance more quickly. When you receive your statement ensure you always look over it carefully. Your mortgage is amortized over an extended period of time, typically 30 years, interest payments make up a significant chunk of the monthly payment, particularly during the first ten years of your loan. By refinancing your mortgage to a lower interest rate, will obviously save you money because you will be paying a lower interest rate. But also, […]

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Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Gaining Strength: Terry Ryder

The latest event in the evolution of the Brisbane market is the strong emergence of the Moreton Bay Region in the far north of the city. It has joined Logan City in the far south as the precinct with the most momentum in the Greater Brisbane area. Meanwhile, Ipswich City in the south-west is putting its hand up as well. Most national commentators misunderstand what’s happening with the Brisbane market. They look at that single figure which apparently describes the whole Brisbane metropolitan area and conclude not much is happening. Australian Property Monitors says Brisbane prices rose 5% last year […]

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