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Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Gaining Strength: Terry Ryder

The latest event in the evolution of the Brisbane market is the strong emergence of the Moreton Bay Region in the far north of the city. It has joined Logan City in the far south as the precinct with the most momentum in the Greater Brisbane area. Meanwhile, Ipswich City in the south-west is putting its hand up as well. Most national commentators misunderstand what’s happening with the Brisbane market. They look at that single figure which apparently describes the whole Brisbane metropolitan area and conclude not much is happening. Australian Property Monitors says Brisbane prices rose 5% last year […]

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APRA’s Lending Rule Changes For Investors

There has been much discussion about APRA’s involvement in the housing market and the negative effect it was likely to have on some investors. Recent discussions with Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Aggregators about the new APRA guidelines around serviceability have advised this. It has become clear that yield needs will play a larger part in most investors’ portfolios. If a buyer gets put into a property which will take eight years to grow or longer, they can be stuck for eight years of longer until they can invest again. This will not assist in meeting the needs of retirement funding […]

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What Would It Take For Australian Property To Crash?

One of Australia’s leading economists has outlined what it would take for a property crash to happen. AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver says expensive housing and high household debt leave Australian housing “vulnerable”, but in the absence of higher interest rates, a property crash looks unlikely. “The Sydney and Melbourne property markets are likely to slow further this year and have another cyclical 5 to 10 per cent price downswing around 2017-18,” Mr Oliver said in a market update issued this week. “However, in the absence of either a recession or much higher interest rates, a property crash looks unlikely,” Mr Oliver said. […]

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Where should I invest in the next 12 months?

Investors weighing up their opportunities would do well to look at this region, according to a prominent market commentator. But they need to act fast – with advice from a real-life investor indicating that the market is on the move already. Sydney and Melbourne investors looking to expand their portfolio or redirect funds from a recent property sale should look north of the border, according to Right Property Group director Victor Kumar. Mr Kumar made the comments in light of recent predictions that real estate prices in Sydney’s outer-west are due for a decline – speculating on where investors looking […]

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What does 2016 have in store for property investors?

There has been a lot of negative sentiment in the market for the past 12-18 months. I believe that 2016 is the year that these sentiments will begin to change. Interest rates are the lowest they have ever been, and I expect that they will continue to remain low throughout the year, with the possibility of one further RBA rate reduction being issued. These factors indicate a relatively stable year, and while we have seen some minor price corrections, a more ‘normal’ market is expected in the year ahead. This creates a fantastic opportunity to buy. Another example of an increase […]

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