Property Portfolio

Developing Your Property Investment Strategy

You want to buy an investment property, so where do you begin? If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us how to start, we would be billionaires and not just millionaires by now. So the intention here is to give you a starting point to help you on your way. Because everyone’s circumstances are different, it’s important to develop your own personal investment strategy. Developing your own investment strategy will set a direction for you to move forward in creating wealth and will also help you focus your searches on properties that fit your investment strategy. When […]

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5 Ways To Climb Your Way To Owning Multiple Properties

Investing in property is one of the top ways Australians choose to build their wealth. Residential investments in Australia account for 35% of all housing finance. However, building a sizable property investment portfolio does not happen overnight. If your aim is to own more than one property, then these five tips will get you started on climbing the property ladder.  1. One property at a time Investing in property costs a lot of money. After doing your market on a property that is situated in a good growth area that has promising projectiles for your properties value, you focus on […]

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Building A Property Portfolio

Building A Property Portfolio: Are Buy-to-Let properties still the right way to go? Is it possible for regular investors to finance these investments?

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