Which restaurant would you prefer to dine in when YOU reach retirement???

With more & more people living longer, retirement planning is becoming critical to ensure your funds last for 25 years in retirement.         If you have planned your retirement, then you will most likely be financially secure during this phase of your life. However, if you failed to plan for your retirement, then you will have significant issues ahead Let’s look at 2 examples of couples at age 67 about to retire!!! Planned for retirement They own their own home – no mortgage or rent to pay $550,000 is super Own 3 investment properties – positive cash […]

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How do I use property to fund my retirement?

With interest rates at all-time record lows, property has recently become very attractive to a wider range of investors. The media is full of articles and commentaries talking about using property to help fund retirement, with many even talking about it as a means to completely replace an employment income so they can quit work early. Whilst property investment has a proven track record as being a comparatively safe way to build wealth for the future, is it really possible to use property as a means of finding financial freedom and funding your retirement? And if so, how do you […]

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When all’s said and done, retiring isn’t easy!

Life might be all golf and relaxing by the pool in the beginning – but not if your money runs out! National Seniors Australia(a not-for-profit organisation with over 200,000 members over 50) released research on the 8th March 2018 showing Australians were living longer, but many were failing to plan for it.  “Earnings from 40 to 50 years of work may have to cover 80 to 90 years of life, but medical and aged care bills tend to get higher as we get older and few people are ready for this,” Research Director Professor John McCallum said. Prof. McCallum said identifying practical […]

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