Learn how to invest in Real Estate

Learn from those who have achieved success through investing in property. Learn from those who have the team of property focused professionals available for you to tap into immediately. Learn from those who have access to the strategies that best suit you now, in the short term, medium term and long term well into your retirement years.

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It’s offered at no cost, is free of obligation and jammed packed full of content that will not only make you sit up and ask a whole lot of questions, but more importantly provide the fundamentals for you to TAKE ACTION and start down the path of financial success today…..not later when it may be too late.


What we will cover

  • Where are you right now
  • What specific investment game do you want to play
  • How long do you want to play for
  • What is important to you
  • What do you know and are good at
  • What don’t you know and would like to know more about
  • What fears or concerns do you have
  • What do you really like about property investing
  • The plan, how does it work
  • Investment structuring – finance and property
  • A profitable property portfolio, is it possible for you
  • Resources, who will help you realise your dreams
  • Is this really affordable for you NOW if not then when

If you have ambitions to become involved in the property investment business – having an investment property mentor is a prerequisite.

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