Investing in Property

Purchasing an investment property sounds easy, but making a smart investment decision that maximises your potential profit, requires a lot of home work. Before investing, have an understanding of the local market. This includes the changing demographics of an area, being familiar with factors that affect supply and demand, population growth rates and anticipating any impending changes to council or government legislation. Zenith Property Consulting have researched the market and surrounding area thoroughly, identifying good investment opportunities according to the companies investment selection criteria.

The credentials of a sound investment property are always influenced by location. Local knowledge is a very important factor when making a property investment decision, and below are some of the aspects to consider:

  • What infrastructure, currently or planned, is to take place in the area?
  • What commercial movement or interest is there in the immediate and surrounding areas?
  • What local, state of federal funding has been approved for the region?
  • Are there large requirements for labour to carry out scheduled and planned works? For how long?
  • Does the asking price represent current market values? Ensuring the property is not overvalued?
  • How desirable is the property and location to potential tenants?
  • What is the rental demand like?
  • What is the anticipated rental yield?
  • Proximity to local infrastructure such as schools, shopping center’s, public transport and main roads

Zenith Property Consulting understands Investing in Property is about return on investment (ROI) over time. We provide many years of experience, research and support to make the investing process informative, educational and straight forward.

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