The 3 Fundamentals of Wealth Building

Having a Wealth Building Strategy (WBS) in place is the only sure way to ensure a retirement that reflects the standard of living and comfort you truly deserve. It begins with understanding the 3 Fundamentals of Wealth Building with a view to achieving a self funded retirement.

  1. Tax Reduction – The ATO lets you use it to build wealth for your retirement.
  2. Mortgage debt reduction, pay off your own home in a fraction of the time.
  3. Invest in high growth residential property for the mid to long term (5 to 15 years).

Our qualified team specialise in working through a specifically tailored plan to suit you, based on your financial position now and your goals for the short term, medium term and long term also. Every Australian has the ability to build wealth and enjoy a high level of comfort in retirement. Get started the right way, have a plan and a strategy to implement and carry out that plan.

Pay off your home mortgage in a fraction of the time it will normally take. Find out how by taking action and contacting the office NOW! When you’re in debt, you’re working for the banks and often paying exorbitant interest rates. If you’re currently in debt, imagine how much better you will feel when you rid yourself of your debt load. It’s a vital step you must take in order to get on the road to a worry-free retirement.

Right now, tens of thousands of Australians are legally paying significantly less tax and keeping more of their hard-earned money. If your household has a combined income of over $50,000 per year you MUST start looking into paying less tax; you have a choice: give the money to the tax man or keep it and let it work for you. One way to reduce or even eliminate your tax liability is through property investment.

You can take the money you currently pay in taxes, invest in property, and even pay off your mortgage faster.

First-time property investors often make numerous mistakes

Q: What’s one of the biggest and most prevalent mistakes?

A: There is a right and wrong time to invest in property.

What happens when property investors wait too long because they try to time the market? They miss out on excellent long-term opportunities. There is NO SUCH THING as the perfect property. Investors who wait to buy the ‘perfect’ property at the ‘perfect’ time almost always miss the best opportunities.

Once you make the decision to build wealth through investing in high growth residential property, the best strategy is to focus on ‘where’ (Location, location, location) instead of ‘when.’

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